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I am trying to get records using checkbox Filters, like.

If green check box is checked then only green colors product will show.

I somehow get the checkbox data using ajax in an array but now I am just blocked that how to pass it to the model, because the data is in an array from and i have to use the where condition. So my issue is that how to pass that array in where condition to match it with the columns and get the record accordingly.

The array data looks like in console:

Console data

Product Table:

Product Table

Product_attributes Table:

Product Attributes Table

What I have tried:

My View Code

<pre><!-- Color -->
              <div class="widget filter-by-color">
                <h3 class="widget-title heading uppercase relative bottom-line full-grey">Color</h3>
                <ul class="color-select list-dividers">
                      <input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" id="green-color" name="color" value="g" onchange="clr();">
                    <label for="green-color" class="checkbox-label">Green</label>
                      <input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" id="red-color" name="color" value="r" onchange="clr();">
                    <label for="red-color" class="checkbox-label">Red</label>
                      <input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" id="blue-color" name="color" value="bl" onchange="clr();">
                    <label for="blue-color" class="checkbox-label">Blue</label>
                    <input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" id="white-color" name="color" value="w" onchange="clr();">
                    <label for="white-color" class="checkbox-label">White</label>
                    <input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" id="black-color" name="color" value="b" onchange="clr();">
                    <label for="black-color" class="checkbox-label">Black</label>

My Js Code

<pre>function clr(){
           var selected = new Array();
           var url="<?php echo base_url('Cart/filt');?>";
          // alert(url);
              $("input:checkbox[name=color]:checked").each(function() {

My Controller Code:

<pre> function filt()
        echo json_encode($colors);

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