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I am trying to read a value from HTTP headers using dotnet core 2.0 controllers. The code that I have is below:
    public class AuthController : Controller
        private readonly ActionExecutedContext context;
        public AuthController(ActionExecutedContext context)
            this.context = context;

        public string Get()
            var xyz = context.HttpContext.Request?.Headers["Basic"];
            return xyz;

The returning value is nothing. The exception that I have is

InvalidOperationException: Unable to resolve service for type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Filters.ActionExecutedContext' while attempting to activate 'Resiliency.API.Controllers.AuthController'.

What should I do in order to read the value from HTTP headers in the dotnet core 2.0?

What I have tried:

I tried
Updated 28-Mar-18 7:28am

1 solution

In your action method, try this:


BTW, the controller class is reinstantiated with every request, so your stored request value will be null unless you store it a different way.
fatihkaratay 28-Mar-18 12:45pm
this returns null. I tried as Request.Headers["date"] and it returns no content
#realJSOP 28-Mar-18 13:52pm
Is there a date key in the header? Are you sure you don't actually want a value from the querystring?


On the other hand, the parameters in the querystring are mapped to the action prototype. You shouldn't have to access the querystring directly.
fatihkaratay 28-Mar-18 14:01pm
What I am actually trying to do is get a username from the cookie that is in the request header. The cookie has userinfo which comes from single sign on service. I need to get user info from this cookie and load the page based on that. I am no sure that I am following the right approach.

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