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I'm worried about debugging DLL.
My development environment is VC6, the progran is consist by a master screen program and multiple DLL.
The problem is that most of the DLL can be debugged, and some of them can be debugged occasionally, and I don't know what to do. Can you give me what is the reason?

What I have tried:

1. Verify that the output of all DLL and main programs is configured in the same directory
2, PDB files are also exported to the directory at the same time
3. The DLL dependencies DLLs is the same configuration
Updated 28-Mar-18 23:28pm
Patrice T 28-Mar-18 22:20pm
What are you talking about? This makes no sense.
Remember that we are not in your head.

1 solution

It is a bit unspecific but you do the right things.

a) Check that all dll are build in debug mode, all actual pdb are in the app directory. Set the output dir of the dlls to the app directory
b) Check that the app has the app directory as startup directory (setting of the project) and the dll from that directory are used. In some cases dlls from other pathes get used when they are in the search path.
c) Delete all your unused project dlls in other directories. But only these!!!
d) Use a more modern version of Visual Studio.
e) Use the famous and mighty Dependency Walker which is your best friend in "dll hell".
Rick York 30-Mar-18 0:34am
Regarding d): No kidding. VC6 was also known as VS1997 and it is more than twenty years old now. The language (C++) has come a long, long way since then and so have IDEs.

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