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Hi all,

When I am running my web application at midnights, it becomes very slow. Every day between 1.00AM to 2.30AM, the database server and application are responding very late. I am not able to diagnose the problem. Can anyon please guide me. Thanks in advance.

Thanks &Regards
Updated 1-Nov-10 20:30pm

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In case of web application most scenario like this,
Path 1 Path 2
User ----------> Web Application Server -------> DB server.

When from 1:00 AM to 2:30 AM user gets a slow response, it might be late response either in Path 1 ( User to web application server ) or in Path 2(Web application to DB server) or may be in both.

1. Execute a sql query directly using SQL 2005 Mgmt Studio (a) At 1:00 AM to 2:30AM and (b) the same query in other time. Compare the result. It would give you an insight whether DB server response is creating the problem.

2. Create a simple HTML page that does not do any Data Base access. and call it from browser. Again this should be done (a) At 1:00 AM to 2:30AM and (b)the file sould be access using browser in other time. Compare the result. this would give you an idea whether web server is running slow at night.

My experience says, in most server, routine maintanance work like Anti Virus scan, sometime disk defragmenting, unused file deletion,path installing etc goes on at night which in most cases sceduled by Server Administrator and system becomes slow.

Another way, in Performance monitor (Control Panel-->Administrative Tool-->Performance) scedule a "log" at 1:00AM to 2:30AM and compare the same with normal time when you dont see any such delay in response. Compare that.

Check that out and let me know if this post helps you at all!!! :)

Arindam D Tewary,
Dalek Dave 2-Nov-10 4:36am
Ah, The Wise One Speaks! :)
Arindam Tewary 2-Nov-10 4:42am
Thanks Dalek :)

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