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// external variables
int fake3D;
F3DFloor *fakeFloor;
fixed_t fakeHeight;
fixed_t fakeAlpha;
int fakeActive = 0;
fixed_t sclipBottom;
fixed_t sclipTop;
HeightLevel *height_top = NULL;
HeightLevel *height_cur = NULL;
int CurrentMirror = 0;
int CurrentSkybox = 0;

CVAR(Int, r_3dfloors, true, 0);

// private variables
int height_max = -1;
TArray<HeightStack> toplist;
ClipStack *clip_top = NULL;
ClipStack *clip_cur = NULL;

namespace Multithreading_doom {

	public ref class Class2

		void mutlthreadRenderer()


			// this is the method for the renderer code to be executed with multithreading with the variable t....

			**	r_3dfloors.cpp
			**	software 3D floors addon
			**	by kgsws


			 void R_3D_DeleteHeights()
at this bracket is where it says to put the ";" {
				height_cur = height_top;
				while (height_cur) {
					height_top = height_cur;
					height_cur = height_cur->next;
				height_max = -1;
				height_top = height_cur = NULL;

it says that I need a ";" at the first bracket. BUT it does not work.

What I have tried:

I have tried everything i cant seem to figure it out
Updated 8-Apr-18 13:48pm

1 solution

The compiler consider that R_3D_DeleteHeights() is part of mutlthreadRenderer(), thus the mossing ;.
The reason is that you forgot to close the renderer with a }

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