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I have this problem, I can create a setup for my app/database but everyone can open the backend file which is an MS Access database. I want it so we can only access the database using the frontend app. Please help me solve this.
Updated 3-Nov-10 8:07am

you would definitely want to password protect the file. Though, with access, there are plenty of free applications that can query the access file and pull out the password.

The only real secure way to do this is to host the database on a SQL server instance somewhere. You can try encrypting the file, but then you'd have to figure out how you are going to handle if two people are going to try to access the file at the same time. Do you decrypt the file during the entire time the application is running to allow others to access the file and then encrypt it once the user closes the application? What happens if the user kills the program from the Task Manager and now you have a decrypted file?

The point is that Access is not the product to use if you are worried about keeping it completely secure.
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Rajesh Anuhya 4-Nov-10 9:08am    
Good Call
Either don't use MS Access or password protect the file
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Neeil 5-Nov-10 11:25am    
How can i set a password.??
Another alternative is to put your database behind a web-service. That way no one can directly access the database except through the web service.
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