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Hi all

Does anyone if it is possible to convert C source code into 16-bit 8086 assembly (for use with EMU8086)?


What I have tried:

Tried using the assembly code emitted by Visual Studio but it is 32-bit and won't work.
Updated 12-Apr-23 23:27pm

1 solution

Did you see this: Is there a C compiler that targets the 8086? - Stack Overflow[^]?
You may also choose to translate yourself the C program (if it is a simple one).
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[no name] 12-May-18 15:51pm    
Thanks for the input. I've installed Watcom but don't know how to make it output the assembly code into a separate file.
CPallini 12-May-18 16:08pm    
I am not able to find an option for that. However there should be a disassembler tool.

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