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I have a DataGridView that could possibly switch its display values from 2 different dataTables, the information within is really simple, its a fixed 20rows x 20cols table.

Each cell must contain an object, So when i select a cell i can display its extended properties like MaxValue, MinValue, TotalValues, and so on (not just the AVG value which is the one displayed in the cell itself)

I can easily do that by storing the object in the TAG property of each cell in the DataGrid, but the problem I am facing is that when I change the datasource of my DataGridView all that information is NOT stored in the underlying dataTable.

What would be the best approach to solve this?

Looking for best recomendations

As a reference, the object to be stored is custom object and can implement or have any number of properties/attributes as needed
I should also clarify that 1 different object is needed for each cell, not 1 object by row

What I have tried:

I believe I could use 2 different datagridView controls and switch between them but that seems dumb, as there is now 2 datatables but there could be more.

I also thought of storing the objects in an external arraylist (rowIndex/colIndex) and then just search for the object when needed, but again i would need N-arrays for each datatable and doesn't sound about right?
Maciej Los 22-May-18 16:25pm
I'm sorry, but storing objects in every single cell inside datatable object sounds terrible.
Rather than it, you should use BindingSource[^].
For further details, please see: How to: Bind Objects to Windows Forms DataGridView Controls | Microsoft Docs[^]
But i can be wrong...
creizlein 24-May-18 0:02am
thanks for the tip! i will check it out
I do still to find a place to store the objects anyways, so the approach of using an arraylist to store the objects and cross-reference them with the x/y cell is about the same as databinding

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