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I am having two datatable from excel ,Here I want to search the data from first datattable and check for the availability in second table ,If it available then want to add a new column in first datatable and want to set the value as present

What I have tried:

I have created two datatable and tried using Linq but don't know how to implement it
Updated 15-May-18 23:30pm

1 solution

We can't give you a solution to this: it depends on the data primarily, and the column organisation.

Start by looking at your two data sources: identify which columns you need to work with and which define "availability", and work out exactly how you tell a row is "available". When you know that, you can start looking at finding them.

Actually doing it is pretty easy: write a method that accepts a row and checks it for "availability" - you can then use Linq (if you want to) to process all the rows from Table1 and build a collection of rows which are available.
var available = myDataTable.AsEnumerable().Select(r => IsAvailable(r));

But ... "add a new column in table 1" is a bit odd - you don't want to do that for every "available row", or do you? I'd suggest that you need to think a bit more carefully about exactly what you are trying to achievedatatable
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