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but when i access the attributes of Structure i get the exception, the code i used is below

What I have tried:

i have structure name "Guitar", code that is used to create 2 D array of Guitar Objects
Guitar ** guitarlists = (Guitar **)malloc(sizeof(Guitar *));
 for (int i = 0; i < row; i++)
     guitarlists[i] = (Guitar *)malloc(sizeof(Guitar));
Updated 17-May-18 3:25am

Guitar ** guitarlists = (Guitar **)malloc(sizeof(Guitar *));

That should be
Guitar ** guitarlists = (Guitar **)malloc(row * sizeof(Guitar *));

As Thaddeus Jones correctly pointed out, if you need a bidimensional array of Guitar then you have to modify
guitarlists[i] = (Guitar *)malloc(sizeof(Guitar));
as well.

Please note: since you apparently are using C++, why don't you use C++ programming language and standard library features (e.g. containers)?
If you want a 2D array of r rows and c columns, you can do this:

Guitar ** guitarlists = (Guitar **)malloc(r* sizeof(Guitar *));
for (int i = 0; i < r; i++)
	guitarlists[i] = (Guitar *)malloc(c * sizeof(Guitar));
CPallini 17-May-18 7:16am
Damn, I have to update my solution. :-)
In C++ it is standard to use the "new" new and delete operators like that:
Guitar *guitarlists = new Guitar[row];//normal array
delete guitarlists; 
Or am I missing some bits?

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