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I want to learn xml with C#. Could you please recommend me some link for that.


What I have tried:

I am a complete beginner in xml. I have knowledge about C#. So I want to learn it with C#.
Updated 25-May-18 17:18pm
[no name] 25-May-18 17:29pm    
Extensible Markup Language – Wikipedia[^] and btw. c# and XML or learning XML with c# has absolutely no relation ;)
Maciej Los 25-May-18 19:05pm    
I have to disagree, Bruno ;)
[no name] 25-May-18 19:11pm    
Why? What is the relation XML and c#? What I remember, XML was years before c# available :-)
Maciej Los 25-May-18 19:07pm    
Not a question at all!
Your "question" is to vague to answer it. Please, provide more details about your issue.
hamid18 25-May-18 20:57pm    
i would like to read xml files. the files will contain different signals. every signal has different properties e.g sampling period, length of the data, some meta data etc. i would like to work with C#.

1 solution

1. Get the book XML for Dummies. It goes through all the parts and explains them with lots of examples.
2. Find Microsoft's 101 Linq Samples and download it. It has many examples how to use xml in there.

Good Luck.
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