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As part of an ordering system I am making, I will have a forgot password option which allows the user to choose a new password. The program emails them a randomly generated 6 digit code which the user then has to input. However, the email is not sending. I have used code which is more or less identical to code I used in an earlier program which worked correctly.

What I have tried:

This is the code so far:
                    Dim array(6) As String
                    Dim rn As New Random
                    Dim digitCode As Integer
                    For count = 1 To 6
                        'array(count) = "1"
                        array(count) = rn.Next(0, 9)
                    digitCode = array(1) + array(2) + array(3) + array(4) + array(5) + array(6)
                    sixDigitCode = digitCode

                    Dim email As New MailMessage
                    Dim SMTP As New SmtpClient("")
                    email.Subject = "Forgot Password"
                    email.From = New MailAddress("Ordering system prototype")
                    SMTP.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "mypassword")
                    email.Body = SixDigitCode
                    SMTP.EnableSsl = True
                    SMTP.Port = "587"
                    TabControlForgotPassword.SelectedIndex = 2
                    MsgBox("A six digit code has been sent to" + EmailAddress)

                Catch ex As Exception
                    MsgBox("Could not send email. Contact your Adminiatrator.")
                End Try

I thought it might be due to Google updating their SMTP number? But I have checked and I can confirm that 587 is the correct number still. Is there anything I have done wrong?
Updated 28-May-18 3:08am

1 solution

Add the exception error message string to the message box output to know what went wrong:
MsgBox("Could not send email." + ex.Message)

Note also that you must allow less secure applications sending mail for the used Goggle mail account (see Allow or disallow less secure apps to access accounts - G Suite Administrator Help[^]) as noted at Step 2 - Use the Gmail SMTP Server at Send email from a printer, scanner, or app - G Suite Administrator Help[^].

Other possible error sources are firewalls blocking the request.

And, as known meanwhile by getting the error message, the 'From' field does not contain a valid email address:
email.From = New MailAddress("Ordering system prototype")

Member 13779854 29-May-18 18:59pm
Thanks for replying. It says "The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address".
Jochen Arndt 30-May-18 2:39am
The From and To must be valid email addresses. So check your 'EmailAddress' variable and change the 'From' field because your actual string is not a valid address.
Member 13779854 30-May-18 3:38am
I can confirm that the email address for the receiver is in the correct format. I also changed the credentials from my actual info to nobody here steals the account. The sender email address is also correctly formatted.
Jochen Arndt 30-May-18 3:40am
The 'From' is not a valid email address:
email.From = New MailAddress("Ordering system prototype")
Member 13779854 30-May-18 3:40am
Sorry, I think I misunderstood your comment. I thought you meant the SMTP credentials for some reason. I changed it and it works fine now. Thanks for the reply.

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