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My seniors are suggesting me for using instead of entity framework.

What I have tried:

Why instead of entity framework
Updated 31-Mar-21 17:16pm
Dave Kreskowiak 28-May-18 16:49pm    
How about asking them?

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These are nested block. Entity Framework is build on top of ADO.NET.
ADO.NET handles raw Sql connection and Sql query between your app and a database.

Entity Framework is a much higher level framework. Internally it creates and run query with ADO.NET, but it present an object model of the database and support LINQ (C#) query.

while it is much nicer to use and less error prone it suffer from a few shortfalls. mostly performance. Not really because EF has bad performance, but because:

1. it is extremely easy to write very inefficient SQL query using C#. And it is a common issue with junior developers. BTW this is easy to fix with a bit of investigation with LinqPad, for each query.
2. it very easy to inadvertently write a few lines which unexpectedly make a lot of database query. Easy to fix with proper DatabaseContext configuration (I personally think the default configuration of DB context is a source of endless such problem)

I suspect your senior want to use ADO.NET for either of 2 reason;
- they don't understand Entity Framework and they are worry because they heard of performance issues
- they know both well, but they are worry about their team ability to work with EF well
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