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I have a list of restaurants with different opening and closing time.
I want to give label OPEN or close according to a current time.

I have restaurantname, opening time, closing time

i.e TAjHOtel, 10:00 AM , 07:00 PM

I required result like hotel name, OPEN or close

What I have tried:

select CONVERT(varchar(10),CAST(getdate() AS TIME),100)   --get current time

DECLARE @DayNumber bigint  
DECLARE @CurrentTime nvarchar(10) 
set @DayNumber =  datepart(dw,getdate())  --get current day in number

 set @CurrentTime = CONVERT(varchar(10),CAST(getdate() AS TIME),100)

select resto.RestaurantName,resto.FoodPrepareTime,ram.OpeningTime,ram.ClosingTime FROM Restaurant Resto join RestaurantAvailablityMaster 
RAM on resto.RestaurantId  = ram.RestaurantId where RAM.DayId = @DayNumber 
Updated 29-May-18 0:18am

Create table TestH
HName varchar(100),
OpenTime TIme,
CloseTime Time

Insert into TestH values('T1','11:00AM','11:00PM')

Select * from TestH
As you can see below while saving Closing Time it got converted into 24Hrs Format implicitly

HName OpenTime CloseTime
T1 11:00:00.0000000 23:00:00.0000000

IF below Proc return 1 then you can mark it as open otherwise close
Prcedure ---

Declare @Flag bit
Declare @CurrentTime nvarchar(10)
declare @openTime Time
declare @closetime Time
select @openTime = OpenTime from TestH
select @closetime=CloseTime from TestH
set @CurrentTime= CONVERT(varchar(10),CAST(getdate() AS TIME),100)
if(@CurrentTime>@openTime and @CurrentTime<@closetime)
set @Flag=1
set @flag=0
return @flag

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CHill60 29-May-18 6:20am    
If you are going to use a stored procedure instead of a simple query or simple function then you should give the OP an example of how they have to use it to get the results they want - it's not a trivial exercise for them given their level of knowledge
Solution 1 is fine, but a little over-engineered. Just change your existing query to use a CASE statement
select resto.RestaurantName,resto.FoodPrepareTime,ram.OpeningTime,ram.ClosingTime , 
CASE WHEN @CurrentTime >= ram.OpeningTime AND @CurrentTime <= ram.ClosingTime THEN 'Open' ELSE 'Closed' ENDFROM #Restaurant Resto 
join #RestaurantAvailablityMaster RAM on resto.RestaurantId  = ram.RestaurantId 
where RAM.DayId = @DayNumber

There is absolutely no need to use the CONVERT when handling the times - you are changing a time object to a varchar object which only serves to slow down your query. In fact you could do away with the variables altogether...
select resto.RestaurantName,resto.FoodPrepareTime,ram.OpeningTime,ram.ClosingTime , 
CASE WHEN CAST(getdate() AS TIME) >= ram.OpeningTime AND CAST(getdate() AS TIME) <= ram.ClosingTime THEN 'Open' ELSE 'Closed' END
FROM #Restaurant Resto 
join #RestaurantAvailablityMaster RAM on resto.RestaurantId  = ram.RestaurantId 
where RAM.DayId = datepart(dw,getdate())
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