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I have a workbook with 4 sheets. I have added a macro in Sheet 3 named Amt to find the sum. But while running the macro, I am getting run time error 1004. While VBA debugging it is pointing to ActiveSheet.Cells(3, col).Formula = "=SUM(" & rng & ")"

Note : The value is accepted in D1,E1..... and based on the value in the cell I am calculating the sum of values based on the input from D6,E6....and total is displayed in D3,E3....

What I have tried:

The code is given below. Please help me to resolve this.

Dim lastCol As Integer
    lastCol = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Column - 1 + ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count

    Dim col As Integer
    For col = 4 To lastCol  'From D until finished
        Dim numRows As Long
        numRows = ActiveSheet.Cells(1, col).Value2
        Dim rng As String
        If numRows > 0 Then
          rng = ConvertToLetter(col) & "6:" & ConvertToLetter(col) & CStr(numRows + 2)
            'Get the appropriate total in D3,E3,F3.....
            ActiveSheet.Cells(3, col).Formula = "=SUM(" & rng & ")"
        End If
Updated 13-Jun-18 23:05pm
Maciej Los 13-Jun-18 2:32am    
Have you tried to find out what value stores a rng variable?
Note, there's a constant: "6", so it can't be "D3, E3, F3", but "D6:F3"

I am getting run time error 1004. While VBA debugging ...

While in debugger, open the 'Local Variables' window and inspect the values of those variables.
It will tell you what your code was doing.
Since your code depend on cells values, we can only guess what is going on without knowing the variables values.

The function ConvertToLetter you use is wrong, it need to be rewritten, or use available functions.
Try to use:
Cells(1, 1).Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False)
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Member 13861149 13-Jun-18 5:16am    
The values are all fine except rng. The range is taking correctly till column AZ(col=52). Obviously the next should be taken as BA(col=53), but the value in range is "A[6:A[7" which is wrong. The actual value in rng should be BA6:BA7
Patrice T 13-Jun-18 10:17am    
Then you know where is the problem !
What is your code for ConvertToLetter ?
Member 13861149 13-Jun-18 23:10pm    
Function ConvertToLetter(iCol As Integer) As String
Dim iAlpha As Integer
Dim iRemainder As Integer
iAlpha = Int(iCol / 27)
iRemainder = iCol - (iAlpha * 26)
If iAlpha > 0 Then
ConvertToLetter = Chr(iAlpha + 64)
End If
If iRemainder > 0 Then
ConvertToLetter = ConvertToLetter & Chr(iRemainder + 64)
End If
End Function
Patrice T 14-Jun-18 2:57am    
Use Improve question to update your question.
So that everyone can pay attention to this information.
I'd strongly recommend to read my answer to your previous question: I want a VBA code to find the sum of numbers in a column.[^]
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Member 13861149 14-Jun-18 5:07am    
Thank you
Maciej Los 14-Jun-18 5:08am    
You're very welcome.

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