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so i've got a code from an article and trying to work through it, it's about implementation of iot in raspberry pi.

there are 4 elements in this project(2leds, 1 sensor & 1 motor as fan) .so i found out in the lines 42-47 that the pins 17,22,27 are used for the three elements but i can't figure out which pin is for sensor ? (the author says the lines 90&91 display sensor readings)

here is the code :

What I have tried:

i asked the question somewhere else too, but people say that in line 73 There is a program that is running the sensor but that is the driver of sensor.
markkuk 18-Jun-18 11:14am
You have already received the correct answer, the sensor is read in line 73 using an external program. The command line defines that a DHT22 sensor is connected to GPIO 4.
Member 13876913 18-Jun-18 14:06pm
ah thank you so much, just a couple more question what is the 22 written before that in that line? is that the voltage pin ? if i wanted to change the pins in the code, i've got to only change that line ? what about that other 3 elements ? just lines 42-47 ?

thanks alot man

markkuk 18-Jun-18 14:19pm
"22" is the type of the temperature sensor, see the source code at
Member 13876913 19-Jun-18 11:00am
thank you so much man
KarstenK 20-Jun-18 2:11am
write it as answer to close the Q&A.

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