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While I am trying to build my windows application, I am getting following error.

The command "C:\repos\CommunityLive\CL_GateApp\signing\StrongNameUnsignedAssemblies.bat C:\repos\CommunityLive\CL_GateApp\signing\" exited with code 2.

What I have tried:

Following is my Pre-Build event command line

$(ProjectDir)signing\StrongNameUnsignedAssemblies.bat $(ProjectDir)signing\

Here is the Macros details



Updated 29-Jun-18 10:27am
Richard MacCutchan 20-Jun-18 6:12am
You need to check the documentation for CommunityLive\CL_GateApp\signing, whatever that is.
Jochen Arndt 20-Jun-18 6:36am
The batch file returned with exit code 2.
So it would be good to see the content of that file.

An error code (also exit code) of 2 means "File not found".

So, somewhere in your batch file, a file was specified that doesn't exist and whatever command that tried to execute exited with that exit code.

Since we know nothing about your batch file, it's impossible to tell you anything beyond this.
Salman350 21-Jun-18 6:27am
batch file is available at the expected location but still getting this issue.
Dave Kreskowiak 21-Jun-18 8:40am
It has nothing to do with the batch file "being available". It has to do with the commands that batch file is running and the parameters being passed to those commands.
It is solved by the creater himself. I really dont know what he did. Thanks for your efforts.

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