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As soon as a user logs in to a website, his screen should automatically be video recorded. This should happen without the user having to click any button or seeing any application screen that captures screen. When he logs out or closes the webpage or browser, recording should stop and the video file should be saved on the server. 
   I went through many forums and got to know that using ASP.Net it is not possible to capture screen. ActiveX control should be written which should be called in the webform. I got a winforms application to record screen and save it at a particular location. But, how do I convert it to ActiveX control and invoke the control in a ASP.Net webform as per my requirement?

What I have tried:

I created a ActiveX control with two buttons and added the ActiveX control to the website. Added two buttons to the webform and on clicking the buttons wrote a javascript which would simply call click event of the buttons in ActiveX control. Nothing happened. I am creating ActiveX for the first time. In my website I want the ActiveX button click events to be automatically called without user having to do anything. 
  We are adding this feature to montior employee screen. In case employee is taking long to complete a priority task manager could later check the video to know if he was really working or not.
Updated 28-Jun-18 2:53am
F-ES Sitecore 28-Jun-18 7:43am
So all you want to do is record a visitors screen without them knowing. Gee, I have no idea why you're struggling to get this working. Seems like the kind of functionality browsers want to help you to do, not to hinder you for security or ethical reasons.
Patrice T 28-Jun-18 19:00pm
Only 1 word comes to my mind: MalWare !

1 solution

Yeah, think about what you're trying to do for just one second.

If this was possible, how many web sites (ethical or otherwise) would be scrambling to use this? A LOT of them!

The security implications of this are staggering.

Also, think about the number of users using the site and the storage requirements for all that video. It would be HUGE.

Oh, and browsers don't support ActiveX any more. The only browsers that did were IE and Firefox. Both have dropped support for it because of security concerns.

You cannot do this. If you could, and users found out you were doing this, your site would be a ghost town within the next few weeks.

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