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I'm using AvalonEdit to display a file with syntax highlighting and I would like to handle the ScrollChanged event. I can register for it in xaml like so:
<avalonedit:TextEditor ScrollViewer.ScrollChanged="TextEditor_ScrollChanged">

I would however like to create a subclass that handles this, so I don't have to do this in the Window's code each time, but I've been unable to figure out how to do it.

What I have tried:

The following attempts didn't work:

public class MySubClass : TextEditor
  public MySubClass()
    // Cannot convert type 'MyProgram.MySubClass' to 'System.Windows.Controls.ScrollViewer'
    ((ScrollViewer)this).ScrollChanged += ScrollChanged;

    // Cannot convert type 'ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.Editing.TextArea' to 'System.Windows.Controls.ScrollViewer'
    ((ScrollViewer)TextArea).ScrollChanged += ScrollChanged;

I've also tried the suggestion to a similar question on stackoverflow: c# - How to handle `ScrollViewer.ScrollChanged` event in MVVM? - Stack Overflow[^], but UIHelper.FindChildren(this) doesn't find a ScrollViewer.
Updated 3-Jul-18 2:11am

1 solution

Add a routed event handler:
public class MySubClass : TextEditor
    public MySubClass()
        AddHandler(ScrollViewer.ScrollChangedEvent, new ScrollChangedEventHandler(ScrollChanged));
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[no name] 3-Jul-18 8:33am    
Thanks, this solution is perfect!
[Edit] Your edit is even more elegant. I had to change it a little to get it working though:
AddHandler(ScrollViewer.ScrollChangedEvent, new ScrollChangedEventHandler(ScrollChanged));
Richard Deeming 3-Jul-18 8:43am    
Thanks - I've added that to the solution. :)

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