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I own a Dell 5575 laptop.While working my laptop suddenly shut down and I could use it only when I took it to the workshop to get it fixed.Now my laptop is completely formatted and I want to access the lost data.
I know there are a lot of software available in the market to recover lost data but I am looking for something which is worth the cost.
Any suggestions are welcome.

What I have tried:

I haven't tried anything as of now.
Updated 3-Jul-18 1:09am
Mehdi Gholam 3-Jul-18 6:18am    
If it's formatted, then highly unlikely.
RedDk 3-Jul-18 12:10pm    

Highly unlikely. Ask your guy. He's the one who didn't say anything to you when you described the reason for bringing the computer into the shop. Where the drive got (scrubbed?) reformatted.

Deleting is one thing, there are normally relatively easy ways to recover that.
But ... the word you use is "formatted" and that means something totally different. Specifically, when you delete files, you remove the allocation links for them and return it to the unused data collection - the data remains on the hard drive until the space it occupied is actually reused.
But when you format a disk, you deliberately write over every byte of data to establish the new format, and that means that simple, cheap methods will almost certainly not work.

With magnetic media, it's often possible to retrieve a number of datasets from a formatted drive (because the magnetic storage isn't digital - it's analog, and that means that the content you are overwriting affects exactly what "1" or "0" you end up getting). But ... that is a job for a serious specialist, and that will cost. Probably a lot.
Try looking for data recovery specialists - you may find some locally - and give them a call and see what they say.

Better still, restore from your last backup ...
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Well, there's no 100% warranty software which can restore previously formatted data. If you have a copy of data (OS system), you can try to restore them from that backup. If not, you can only restore Windows OS (clean installation). Dell provides a way to achieve that. Note: you'll need Dell Servive Tag (on the bottom of laptop). See: Dell Windows Backup Media and Recovery Options | Dell US[^]

BTW: i'd strongly recommend to change repair technicians and/or workshop...
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