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I have a source file called RoundBtn.cpp with its header file RoundBtn.h

these two files are responsable for coloring the entier buttons on my Dialog. What i need to do is to give one of my button a special color. Some of the code for coloring all buttons is given below.

void RoundBtn::DrawItem(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lp)
	CRect rc = lp->rcItem;
	CDC dc;
	CBrush br;
	if (is_pressed) // when the button is pressed
		CPen pen(PS_SOLID, 2, RGB(0,0,0));
		CBrush *pBrush=new CBrush(RGB(220,100,220));
		dc.RoundRect(0, 0, rc.Width(), rc.Height(), rc.Height()/1, rc.Height()/1);  // Round the Buttons 
		dc.SetTextColor(RGB(0, 0, 0));

What I have tried:

What sould i change on my main file or what sould i call on my main file to color the button. the button ID Adress is
and its function is

void CVCDlg::Apply1()


Updated 5-Jul-18 21:12pm

1 solution

The color used to construct the *pBrush is the one that needs to be adjusted. You could make a color variable (COLORREF) a member of the RoundBtn class and set it to 220,100,220 in the class constructor. Then add a method to set the color member and you can have each button be a different color if you wanted to.
Baderd94 7-Jul-18 22:31pm
I added this to my RoundBtn.cpp file

void RoundBtn::SetColor(COLORREF text, COLORREF bkgnd)
m_TextColor = text;
m_BkgndColor = bkgnd;

if(m_hWnd != NULL)

then I added this to my RoundBth.h

COLORREF m_TextColor;
COLORREF m_BkgndColor;

and this

void SetColor(COLORREF text, COLORREF bkgnd);

then i added this to my main file


where Loadbt1 is the button that i want to color

it shows no error but it still does not work
Rick York 7-Jul-18 22:55pm
You forgot some changes in DrawItem - instead of using RGB(220,100,220) :

CBrush *pBrush=new CBrush( m_BkgndColor );

and change the SetTextColor call also to :

dc.SetTextColor( m_TextColor );

BTW, white is probably not the best color to use for both the text and the background.
Baderd94 7-Jul-18 23:44pm
Thank you for your quick reply

i have changed it as you mentioned and it made sense to me tbh but it still does not work, it gives uncolored now, any idea because i feel im to close to getting the right method
Baderd94 8-Jul-18 11:34am
Thank you soo much your method worked perfectly, The problem was the function that i needed to put the code in.

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