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how to connect to database in c# and sql server
Rajesh Anuhya 8-Nov-10 4:14am    
You are asking a C#, Sql Server Question .., You tagged it as Linux., Read the Guidelines before posting Question, to get the Correct Answer..

As an absolute minimum, construct an SqlConnection object and Open it. You can then attach that to an SqlCommand before using the ExecuteReader method.
The exact syntax you use will depend on your database: have a look at the MSDN examples Here[^]
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You need an SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlDataReader (you can use SqlDataReader, but let's keep it simple)

Now in order to connect you have to write the following code

string connectionString = "server=.; uid=Your_SQL_Username; pwd=Your_SQL_Password; database=The_Name_Of_Your_Database";

SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select * from tables", conn);


SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

     MessageBox.Show(dr[0].ToString()); // The first column of the tables Table
     MessageBox.Show(dr[1].ToString()); // If there are more columns, and so on;
     // You can also store values in a variable.
     // Example int empid = Convert.ToInt16(dr["empid"]);

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[no name] 15-Mar-13 12:13pm    
Do you think that it's possible that in the 3 years since he asked, that he might have already found the answer by now?
H.Brydon 16-Mar-13 0:34am    
That's pretty funny. Honorary +5 for you somewhere soon!

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