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I have a textarea, two inputes and a button. In textarea i write any sentence, for example "Hello, how are you". In first input i write a word, for example "you" and in second input i write replacing word, for example "they". After clicking on Replace button, i must get like this result ` "Hello, how are they". How can i do that?

What I have tried:

I have tried like this, but it's wrong :(

		<legend>Replace words</legend>
		<textarea id="text3" cols="50" rows="10" placeholder="Type a sentence..."></textarea><br>
		<input id="word1" type="text" placeholder="Word 1">
		<input id="word2" type="text" placeholder="Word 2">
		<button onclick="ReplaceWord()">Replace</button>

function ReplaceWord(){
	var a = document.getElementById("text3").value;
	var b = document.getElementById("word1").value;
	var c = document.getElementById("word2").value;
	var x = a.split(" ");
	for(var i = 0; i < x.length; i++){
		if(x.indexOf(b) != -1){
			x = x.replace(b,c);
	document.getElementById("text3").value = x.join(" ");
Updated 28-Aug-20 2:04am

If you want to replace only the first occurence doing
var newText = a.replace(b, c);
document.getElementById("text3").value = newText;
will do the job.

There is no default method with a string parameter to replace multiple occurences. But the regex version can do this with the global option:
// Use a RegExp instance here to pass a string known only at runtime.
//var re = new RegExp(b, "g");
// EDIT: To match only whole words use the special character "\b" (word boundary).
var re = new RegExp("\\b" + b + "\\b", "g");
var newText = a.replace(re, c);
document.getElementById("text3").value = newText;

See also String.prototype.replace() - JavaScript | MDN[^] and Regular Expressions - JavaScript | MDN[^].
Suren97 16-Jul-18 7:16am
but my condition is true?
Jochen Arndt 16-Jul-18 7:36am
What do you mean by "condition is true"?

What I forgot:
If you want to match only whole words enclose them with the \b (word boundary) special character.
i think its like
var x = a.split(" ").replace(b,c);

it shall be work as well.
Suren97 16-Jul-18 7:07am
Inside of condition?
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