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Dear All,

I have a situation in which multiple authority will digital sign & generate PDF document through our web application developed with ASP.NET MVC.

What I have tried:

i tried a solution in which it can only work if USB token is attached at server.
Updated 28-Sep-18 19:43pm
Jochen Arndt 18-Jul-18 4:41am
If you have an USB token, it will be of course only accessible on the system where it is plugged in.
Gaurav Gupta A Tech Guy 20-Jul-18 1:27am
is there any way to access a digital certificate on client machine and able to sign PDF document genrated on web server ? If USB token is on web server than i can do it but if digital certificate is stored in USB token attached in client machine than how can we do it ?
Jochen Arndt 20-Jul-18 2:41am
You can't besides implementing a service on the client that accepts connections from the server to access the token.

But that would circumvent the purpose of such signing: A document should be signed by the creator using the creator's certificate.
ZurdoDev 18-Jul-18 7:04am
As Jochen said. So, what is it you want from us?
Gaurav Gupta A Tech Guy 20-Jul-18 1:27am
I want my web application which is hosted on remote server be able to read digital certificate from client machine which have USB token in thier PC.
ZurdoDev 20-Jul-18 8:03am
But if it is on their PC the server can't get to it. You need some sort of app to upload it. Why does your server need to read it?

1 solution

Hey I am not here with solution, but I need help from you, can you send me the code for signing pdf file with usb hard token in c# or I am trying for solution from so long please help me out. Will be very thankful to you.
Richard Deeming 3-Oct-18 14:54pm
1) This is not a solution to the question. You are aware that it is not a solution to the question. So why did you decide to post it in the "Add your SOLUTION here" box?!

2) This site does not provide code to order. You'll either need to find the code using your search engine of choice, or hire a developer to write the code for you. (And no, this site is not the place to hire a developer!)
Member 13991425 4-Oct-18 2:23am
I was searching for solution like you... as I saw you had done signature part, just for the help sake I was connecting you, as I don't find any other way to contact you.

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