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Hi Can you explain how to parse the nested json response file in qt4.7 (C++). And the file is in the path "/home/kkk/response.json".The file contains the below response.Iam using Qt in Linux environment.

{ "​ respcode​ ":"​ 200​ ","​ respdesc​ ":"success","​ count​ ":"3",
"​ nodalofficers​ ":[
{"​ attid​ ":"XXX","​ attname​ ":"XXX"},
{"​ attid​ ":"XXX","​ attname​ ":"XXX"},
{"​ attid​ ":"XXX","​ attname​ ":"XXX"}]

What I have tried:

I have tried below code but here I dont know how to declare Jsondocument(document) thats why getting errors.

QStringList countlist = document.elementsByTagName("nodalofficers");
DisplayWideMsgBox("Invalid Response Received \nPlease Try Again");
return -1;

int itemCount =;
qDebug()<<"COUNT :"<<itemCount;

list = document.elementsByTagName("nodalofficers");
DisplayWideMsgBox("Empty Data Received for domain list");
return -1;

for(int i = 0,j = 0;i < itemCount;i++,j = 0)
QString attid =;
QString attname =;
Updated 18-Jul-18 23:03pm

1 solution

JSON support has been intruduced with Qt5 (JSON Support in Qt | Qt Core 5.11[^]).

If you are stuck to the rather old (2010 - 2012) and not anymore supported (since 2015) 4.7 version, I suggest to use a C++ JSON library instead of trying to do it yourself. There is even one for Qt: GitHub - flavio/qjson: QJson is a qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects.[^].

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