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I have this project (C# ASP.NET Web Forms & Web Services) in which I am loading & binding search results using jquery ajax. It is working fine and it's very fast.

But the only security-related problem that I am worried about is that the ajax javascript code is visible to all users in the dev tools.

function loadEventNotification(refEventID, sequence, listActiveType, filterType) {
    try {
        var param = 'RefEventId : ' + JSON.stringify(refEventID) + ' , Sequence : ' + JSON.stringify(sequence) + ' , ListActiveType : ' + JSON.stringify(listActiveType) + ' , FilterType : ' + JSON.stringify(filterType);
        var notifID = 0;

            type: "POST",
            url: "../Services/CMEventDataService.asmx" + "/" + "CM_LoadEventNotificationWS",
            data: "{" + param + "}",
            contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
            dataType: "json",
            success: function (response) {
                var total = 0;
                if (response.d == 'NOAUTH') {
                    message = 'Error : Your are not authorised to access this service';
                else if (response.d == 'ERROR') {
                    message = 'Error : Unable to find records';
                else if (response.d != '') {
                    var list = eval(response.d.replace(/\\/g, "\\\\"));
                    total = list.length;

                    var notif = '';
                    $.each(list, function (k, v) {
                        //Some Html stuff gos here
                else {
                    message = 'No matching records found';
            error: function (response) {
                message = 'Error : Unable to load records';
            timeout: 120000
    } catch (err) {

Can I in anyway hide this code from the users?

Once somebody is able to see the js ajax code then they will pick up the URL of the Web Service. I have made sure that the web service cannot be called from other domains (NOAUTH error)

But still, the code is exposed in dev tools

Any suggestions? Highly Appreciated

What I have tried:

I tried finding ways of calling a server-side code but so far no help
Updated 27-Aug-20 17:23pm
F-ES Sitecore 25-Jul-18 4:32am
Even if you could hide the code I could still use the network tab to see what urls you are requesting. BTW don't update your question to ask how to disable the dev tools, that's not the solution either. Not building a client-side system that relies on secrecy is the solution.

No. Javascript is "human readable" and is an integral part of the web page - you can't "hide" it from the page without the browser being unable to read it.
The only way to hide it from the browser is to keep it entirely within the server.
You can "hide" the part of code you want to by using "obfuscated" method.
That means your code will be non humanly readable.

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