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I have a Table with columns ProductId, DateofPurchase, Quantity. 

ProductId DateofPurchase Quantity
1245       10/03/2018      50
4577       23/03/2018      100

I have a parameter in where clause which is dateofpurchase based on this i get the quanity as below

Select * from table where dateofpurchase='23/03/2018' and the result is 100
But I want the result as follows.
Quantity should be decided in which week it belongs to.

ProductId Week1  Week2  Week3  Week4
4577         -      -    100    -

Here the weeks are decided by 
1-7 is week1,8-15 week2,16-23 week3, 24-30 week4

Please Suggest.

What I have tried:

Based on date parameter the week should be displayed
Updated 31-Jul-18 3:21am

1 solution

The first thing you need to do is work out what the day bit of the date is ... for that you can use DATEPART[^]

For example:
SELECT *, datepart(D, DateOfPurchase) AS [day] from [table]
which gives you
ProductId	DateOfPurchase	Quantity	day
1245		2018-03-10	50		10
4577		2018-03-23	100		23
You can then use that [day] in a test using CASE[^] with BETWEEN[^]

For example (incomplete)
	Week1 = case when datepart(D, DateOfPurchase) BETWEEN 1 AND 7 THEN Quantity
	Week2 = case when datepart(D, DateOfPurchase) BETWEEN 8 AND 15 THEN Quantity
Member 13867163 1-Aug-18 0:12am
Great Thank you so much

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