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I created an FTP server on my PC by c #, because I have to recover images that are sent to me by a camera. Before I tested everything in a console application, as soon as everything worked, I turned the console application into a windows service that is listening to receive the images via FTP. The problem is that with the service works only with local filezilla, if instead I try to connect from another PC or from an external device does not work (does not connect), however with the console application everything works correctly both locally and externally. How is it possible? Do you have to do something special with a windows service?


What I have tried:

I followed this example:

I repeat that everything works with a console application, but not with the windows service.
Updated 1-Aug-18 10:19am
RedDk 1-Aug-18 11:31am
Might leave a note at the foot of this webpage. The author might have a greater understanding of this C# mannerism and might even be able to define what he means by "image" better than John Q. Public here in the QA.

Also, my experiences with IPv6 tell me that it's easy to disable this kind of functionality at a low level system window adherence. But your anti-virus might be having it's way with that fundamental allowance so check there too.
Mikeluzzo 6-Aug-18 6:00am
I solved by enabling the service in the firewall, adding a rule.

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