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I have an error when making the first push_back. The struct contains an enum.
The error is: "Exception thrown: read access violation._Pnext was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF."

//Here are the definitions of the structure and both structures:
enum s_piece_e_tipo { RING, CYLINDER }; 
struct s_piece
	s_piece_e_tipo tipo;
	double R1, R2, Z1, Z2;
struct s_point
	double xyz[3],potential,Efield,Q;

//And here the class vectors definitions:
class c_static2D
	void mete_cylinder(double z0, double R, double iz, double potential);
	vector<s_point> points;//Stores points at pieces 
	vector<s_piece> pieces;//Stores all reactor pieces. 

void c_static2D::mete_cylinder(double z0, double R, double iz, double potential)
	s_point point{ { R,0,0 },potential,-777,-777 };
	points.push_back(point); //============================THIS IS OK!
	s_piece pie{ s_piece_e_tipo::CYLINDER,R,R,z0,z0+iz };
	pieces.push_back(pie);   //============================THIS FAILS!

What I have tried:

As I said, this works:
s_point point{ { R,0,0 },potential,-777,-777 };
points.push_back(point); //============================THIS IS OK!
Updated 3-Aug-18 0:50am
Richard MacCutchan 3-Aug-18 7:27am
I just tried that code and it runs fine. I guess what you are showing here is different to what you are testing.
Jochen Arndt 3-Aug-18 7:46am
I tested your example code with G++ calling mete_cylinder() for a local instance of c_static2D in main() and got no access violation.

I guess the problem is located in code not shown by you. A possible source is a corrupted stack or heap due to out of bound writing. Another source might be using different versions of a library (from different modules - especially when using static linking - or one module usies the debug and other(s) the release version).
Javier Luis Lopez 3-Aug-18 11:02am
Thank you Jochen, that was a version problem that I could not trace

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