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I'm trying to make some tests with Selenium but I notece that the chromedriver depend of the browser version, how it is on the documentation page:
Chrome 63-65 works with chromedriver 2.36
Chrome 62-64 works with chromedriver 2.35
Chrome 61-63 works with chromedriver 2.34
Chrome 60-62 works with chromedriver 2.33
Chrome > 57, use chromedriver 2.28
Chrome > 54, use chromedriver 2.25
Chrome = 53, use chromedriver 2.24
Chrome > 49, use chromedriver 2.22
Chrome > 43, use chromedriver 2.20
Chrome > 41, use chromedriver 2.15
older versions, use chromedriver 2.10

so, Is there a way to work with several browser version and set the chromedriver dinamically?
Like, if I am runing the test on a pc with the Chrome 56 it sets the chromedriver v2.25, if I am runing the test on a pc with the Chrome 61 it sets the chromedriver v2.33.

How is it possible?

What I have tried:

I'm trying and testing the inicialization of the ChromeDriver with this code:

private void inicializeChrome()
    ChromeOptions chromeOptions = new ChromeOptions();
    //chromeOptions.AddArgument("--headless");//hide browser

    ChromeDriverService chromeService = ChromeDriverService.CreateDefaultService();
    chromeService.SuppressInitialDiagnosticInformation = true;
    chromeService.HideCommandPromptWindow = true;

    driver = new ChromeDriver(chromeService, chromeOptions);

    ICapabilities capabilities = ((RemoteWebDriver)driver).Capabilities;

Updated 5-Aug-18 8:40am
Vibhav Ramcharan 3-Jan-20 9:49am
You may want to look at using Selenium Grid (SE), SE allows you to control the version of the RemoteWebDriver/ChromeDriver per test machine / PC via a json file. You can distribute a single test to multiple PC's (Nodes).

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