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I have application which executes 3rd party link/URL internally. And that 3rd Party server accepts only one IP address so if I added my machine IP to that 3rd party server then its work but if I access that application from another machine then it is not working.
I have 100 users and they are accessing the same link from different machine and location so they have the different IP address and they want to access that link but its not possible at this moment because of 3rd party restriction.

so what kind configuration I have to so that my web server can pass that request to 3rd party server with one IP or with web server IP?

What I have tried:

so what kind configuration I have to so that my web server can pass that request to 3rd party server with one IP or with web server IP?
Updated 21-Aug-18 9:04am
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-18 16:08pm
1. Find a new 3rd party.
2. Is everyone in the same building? If it's a public IP, they'll all likely have the same IP.
Amol Sagvekar 10-Aug-18 16:10pm
1st option is not valid.
no, they have different IP
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-18 16:14pm
Then you have to get a proxy in the middle so that everyone has the same IP. I'm not really sure what you want us to do.
Amol Sagvekar 10-Aug-18 16:21pm
Using client As New WebClient()
Dim bResp As Byte() = client.DownloadData(cUrl)

I have this code, its work from my machine but it will not work from your machine as your IP address is not configured on this server.

I will ask 3rd party to add my web server Ip to their firewall list, and I have to do something at my side so that all user can access this application via web server IP
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-18 16:28pm
Yes, you already explained this. But what do you want us to do? This is not a code issue. You have a logistics and 3rd party issue. How can we help?
Amol Sagvekar 10-Aug-18 16:31pm
what kind of configuration I have to do on the server so that it will send only one IP address to 3rd party?
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-18 16:34pm
It all depends. If you are connecting over VPN then it is probably your own IP address. But typically, everyone in a building all go out over the same router (smallish building) and so everyone has the same external IP.

This is something you need to work out with your network services group and the 3rd party. It's not a code issue.
Amol Sagvekar 10-Aug-18 16:41pm
it's not the code issue and might I have to write code in a different way or maybe some configuration required on IIS server etc.

let's give me the clear picture.

we have more than 5000 users, earlier our application was working in intranet but from next month it will available on the internet.

but the problem is 3rd party (government website) is not ready to make changes at their side, and they can accept an only range of IPs, and we are not in the position to provide the list of IPs as it's not possible. it is still working in the intranet.
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-18 16:43pm
You keep repeating yourself so I'm not sure what you want us to do. IP assignment does not come from IIS or anything else.

The only code thing you can do is write your own webservice that will call the 3rd party and then change your code to call your webservice instead and that way all traffic to the 3rd party will be through one IP, your webservice.
MadMyche 10-Aug-18 16:59pm
You have to deal with a change of service on one end and someone not changing on the other. This is a configuration issue, not necessarily having a coding fix.

You may want to discuss with those other parties the usage of a Proxy Server
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Solution 1

What you're doing is a) probably in breach of the third party license - if they wanted you to do this you could contact them and they would allow it b) not technically possible if you use TCP - you can't spoof TCP which is effectively what you're looking to do.

People use IP restrictions for security reasons and they would be useless if you could just circumvent them.
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Solution 2

I used proxy concept to fix this issue and its working.

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