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I wanted to understand how can I use regEx in C++ using visual studio 2010.

I have below requirements.

RegEx :   [0−9]{3}[0−9a−zA−Z]{3} [0−9a−zA−Z]{2} [0−9]  //Regular expression, 

Here there is range of valid chars in [] and value inside {} denotes the number of charactes that should comply with rule.

[0-9]{3} means that first three charcters of string should be a number in range 0 to 9.

[0−9a−zA−Z]{3} means that next 3 chars of string can be anything in range 0-9 or a-z ot A-Z.

Below are valid and invalid strings considering above rule.
120 aBZ K8 7 - Valid

AX0 aBZ K8 7 - Not Valid

120 @1k0 _1 _  - Not valid

120 1BZ 18 7 - Valid

Any help is appreciated.

What I have tried:

checked few blogs but i could not find anything for my requirements implemented in c++ for visual studio 2010.
Updated 16-Aug-18 3:22am

joyjhonson 17-Aug-18 4:11am
Thank you
OriginalGriff 17-Aug-18 4:20am
You're welcome!
Just a few interesting links to help building and debugging RegEx.
Here is a link to RegEx documentation:
perlre -[^]
Here is links to tools to help build RegEx and debug them:
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm[^]
Expresso Regular Expression Tool[^]
RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx[^]
This one show you the RegEx as a nice graph which is really helpful to understand what is doing a RegEx:
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]
joyjhonson 17-Aug-18 4:11am
Thanks you

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