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Hello, I am using robocopy to copy files from source to destination folder but there are some problems.

In the source folder .csv files are created by various users every 15-20 mins for example User1.csv, User2.csv, User3.csv. There is an archive folder on the source folder.

These files have to be moved to a destination folder. The files on the destination folder are uploaded to a different application every 30 mins.

Problem: When user1 creates a file user1.csv, it has to be moved to the destination folder. If a file already exists on the destination folder then it should not be moved. But if no file exists on the destination folder then the file needs to be moved and a copy of the file has to be saved on archive folder.

@echo off

SET SORC= "C:\Test\Source" 
SET DEST="C:\Test\Destination"

ROBOCOPY %SORC% %DEST% *.csv /R:1 /W:1 /MOV /XN /XO /LOG:%LOG%


What I have tried:

I am using the above code to move the files.

How can i save the files on the archive folder with the same name every time a new file is created?
Updated 23-Aug-18 2:07am

1 solution

One solution would be getting the files one by one using a for loop and process them.

ECHO Copy session %date% %time%>%LOG%
FOR %%f in (%SORC%\*.csv) do (
    SET fname=%%~nxf
    IF NOT exist %DEST%\%fname% (
        xcopy %%f %SORC%\archive /q
        move /Y %%f %DEST%
        ECHO Copied file %fname%>>%LOG%
    ) ELSE (
        ECHO Skipped file %fname%>>%LOG%
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Aug-18 9:17am
I don't know why anyone would you give a 1-vote. It's a perfectly reasonable answer. Countered.
Jochen Arndt 23-Aug-18 13:05pm
Thank you Dave.
Member 13958091 23-Aug-18 12:54pm
Any other solutions?
Jochen Arndt 23-Aug-18 13:04pm
What is the problem with my solution?

However, you may write something similar using PowerShell commands where you have more options.
Member 13958091 23-Aug-18 15:57pm
I tested it and tried to make it work but no luck.
Jochen Arndt 23-Aug-18 17:04pm
I did not have your directory structure so that I can't test it. But you can by inspecting the log file or inserting additional ECHO commands.
Member 13958091 23-Aug-18 17:28pm
The source and destination are two different servers but I am testing it out on my PC until I get it right.

Source folder: C:\Test\Source
Target foler: C:\Test\Destination
Archive folder: C:\Test\Source\Archive
Member 13958091 23-Aug-18 17:29pm
Here is a sample code to copy file with same name and rename after copying.

@echo off
set TESTFOLDER=test_folder

set /a counter=0
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%i IN ('DIR /S /B /A-D .\src\*') DO FOR /F "tokens=*" %%j IN ('DIR /B "%%i"') DO IF EXIST ".\%TESTFOLDER%\%%j" (
set /a counter=!counter!+1
echo folder: %TESTFOLDER%
copy "%%i" ".\%TESTFOLDER%\%%j_!counter!"
) ELSE copy "%%i" ".\%TESTFOLDER%\%%j"
Jochen Arndt 24-Aug-18 2:46am
And that is working?
It is not much different than my solution but more complicated.
Note the "%%~nxf" from my solution which gets the name and extension from the full path in %%f.

The problem might be with assigning that to a variable. Then use it like in your example (enable delayed extension and use !fname!) or just avoid using a local variable.

You did not told us that the destination is on another system. But that is no problem as long as you have access to the path.

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