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Hello everybody. I've just started learning programming from scratch recently and found out that no good coding experience comes without knowing how to use Command Prompt on your computer. I already know a few basic commands and can implement them but still have a really vague idea of what the Command Prompt is. I will be really grateful if anybody break it down for me:

1.What is the Command Prompt in general?
2.What is it good for?
3.Why most of the command that I found on the Internet and tried to type in the Command Prompt show the exact same error "not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file"?
4.Maybe I need some additional software to use the ones that print an error?
5.What is a batch file?
6.How to create it?

What I have tried:

In the Command Prompt, basic commands like cd, cd.., mkdir,
Updated 28-Aug-18 3:43am

Forget the Command prompt - it's being superseded by PowerShell, which does everythgin CMD can do, plus a whole load more.

See here: Powershell Tutorial[^]
and here: Windows PowerShell Tutorial for Beginners with examples[^]
Grigorii Mordkovich 28-Aug-18 13:00pm
Massive thanks. I will use your advice!
OriginalGriff 28-Aug-18 14:18pm
You're welcome!
To launch a command prompt window press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd and press Enter or click the OK button. When the cmd window opens you can type your commands. To see which commands are available type help at the prompt. You can then find the help for each command by typing help "commandname".

But as OriginalGriff mentions above, your time might be better spent learning PowerShell.
Grigorii Mordkovich 28-Aug-18 12:59pm
Thanks a lot for this information. It certainly helps me move another step forward.
The CMD prompt is basically just an OS shell which recreates the old DOS prompt from the days before Windows.

As has been previously stated, anything that can be done here can also be done in PowerShell.
About the only reason to know the syntax is in environments where PowerShell is not available; say you are using a Win 95 boot disc.
Grigorii Mordkovich 28-Aug-18 12:58pm
Thank you so much for that info.
MadMyche 28-Aug-18 14:20pm
You're welcome

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