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Hi ll
I am using redis cache on my local Machine. I have enabled the cache for one of my method using the cacheable anothion. Application is not able to cache my method.

public class RedisConfig {

    private JedisConnectionFactory jedisConnectionFactory;

    public RedisTemplate<Object, Object> redisTemplate() {


        RedisTemplate<Object, Object> template = new RedisTemplate<>();
        template.setValueSerializer(new GenericToStringSerializer<Object>(Object.class));
        return template;

    public CacheManager cacheManager(RedisTemplate redisTemplate) {
        RedisCacheManager cacheManager = new RedisCacheManager(redisTemplate);
        // Number of seconds before expiration. Defaults to unlimited (0)
        return cacheManager;

@Cacheable(value="sgcode" , cacheManager ="cacheManager")
    public String getSegmentCode(String aname ) {"code ", "##### SEGMENT METHOD CALLED ##### {}", aname);
        return segmentCodeMap.get(aname);       

What I have tried:

When i am trying to hit my application the application is not able to cache my method.

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