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How to Read Encrypted .Cer file line by line in I want to get some data from that file.
I can also decrypt file but I dont know how to get the data from Decrypted file.
Pls help me.

Updated 8-Nov-10 22:21pm

This[^] is not the best sample in terms of what you ask, but it may help.

You cannot actually "read" this file, but rather "use" it as the security key.
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Rajesh Anuhya 9-Nov-10 6:30am    
Good link..
I don't know much about the .Cer file but can't you just read it using System.IO library?

Here is a sample:

/*--[using directives]-------------------------------------------------*/
using System.IO

/*--[ Function ]---------------------------------------*/
  Name            : ReadTxtFile_ToLst
  Description     : Reads data line- for line from a text file and stores
                    it to a list buffer.

  Access Modifier : public
  Param           : string txtFilePath

  Retval          : List<string>
public List<string> ReadTxtFile_ToLst(string txtFilePath)
  List<string> returnValue = new List<string>();
  FileInfo genericFileInfo = new FileInfo(txtFilePath);
  StreamReader sr = genericFileInfo.OpenText();
  string lineContents;

  while (sr.EndOfStream != true)
    lineContents = sr.ReadLine();
  return returnValue;

Hope this is what you were looking for!

Rudolf, :)
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Rajesh Anuhya 9-Nov-10 6:30am    
.CER files are Security Certificate files.., you can't read it normally...
R. Erasmus 9-Nov-10 6:37am    
I just tried to read a .cer file and had no trouble doing so, it obviously read a bunch of senceless giberish. But if that is what you wanted, you shouldn't have any trouble with this function.
Rajesh Anuhya 9-Nov-10 6:47am    
in my view READ means USE, .cer files contains a security key which is used in our application. there is no use of reading senseless data..,
R. Erasmus 9-Nov-10 6:53am    
I see your point, maybe the question should of been restructured better (unless the author can perform miracles) as you mentioned in your first answer. ;)

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