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I have a class, as defined below:
class Node():
  def _init_(self, xcoordinate= None, ycoordinate= None, h=None, g=None, cost=None):
        self.xcoordinate = xcoordinate
        self.ycoordinate = ycoordinate
        self.h = h
        self.g = g
        self.cost = h + g
    def _repr_(self):
        return repr((self.xcoordinate, self.ycoordinate, self.h, self.g, self.cost))

I then have an array of Node objects. How do I sort this array based on the Node.cost?(the objects cost attribute).

What I have tried:

I have tried using the line below
sorted(possible_next_steps, key=lambda node: node[4])

but that throws an "IndexError: tuple index out of range" error. I would really appreciate your help, thanks.
Updated 11-Sep-18 20:22pm

1 solution

First, fix those syntax errors in your code, then try this:
newlist = sorted(oldlist, key=lambda x: x.cost)
Sorting HOW TO — Python 3.7.0 documentation[^]
Stephane123wer 12-Sep-18 8:58am
@Permalink when I run your code, I get the error

"AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'cost'"
Peter Leow 12-Sep-18 10:07am
How did u instantiate object of a class? Show you code.
Peter Leow 12-Sep-18 11:57am
You are asking about the sorting, but showing some irrelevant code. Check this demo and figure out yourself

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