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Hi all,
I just started to play with WCF (O'Reilly's WCF book at my hands).
So far I get the point, but now I stumbled into something I can not work around.

The DataContract I use contains an Array of KeyValuePairs, which are defined in a different assembly (My.Lib.MessageParams).
The project itself has a different namespace (My.Wcf.Test1).

When I create the proxy via svcutil I get a proxy class that defines the DataMembers as expected.

Here comes the problem, the proxy gets the same namespace as the one where the DataContract is defined in (my.lib.MessageParams).

Can I somehow adjust this?

I do not want to have the same namespace here (My.Lib.MessageParams)
because of an event I want to fire when a message is receiced.

I tried the following:

This now seems to work (I din't change anything, I just ran svcutil multiple times), but the namespace is turned into lowercase now.
As Toli pointed out it should be pascal-cased...
Any idea how to fit this convention?

Any help is kindly appreciated ;)
best regards and have a good day
Updated 9-Nov-10 5:29am
Toli Cuturicu 9-Nov-10 11:21am     CRLF
Not answering your question at all, but: Namespaces should be PascalCased!
hoernchenmeister 9-Nov-10 11:25am    
You are totally right. This happened due to renaming the namespaces for this post... It should just serve as a sample to hide the ugly, companyenforced namespaces I have to use ;)

1 solution

I've had this problem, I changed the namespace name after calling svcutil in the source code :-D
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hoernchenmeister 9-Nov-10 9:55am     CRLF
I already tried this, but honestly I would prefer to know how to do this without having to change the namespace manually over and over again ;) I am quite new to the topic and I am not sure if this would leat to other problems later on...

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