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In my app, there is one interface and two subclasses.
Two subclasses have been registered as services.
My question is how to control which one to get when i use them?

public class HomeController : Controller
        public interface ITestDI


        public class TestDIClass1: ITestDI
            public TestDIClass1()
        public class TestDIClass2 : ITestDI
            public TestDIClass2()


        ITestDI td;

        public HomeController(ITestDI _td)
   = _td; // how to control which ITestDI implementation will injected with constructor injection? With the configuration below, always get TestDIClass2.

        public IActionResult Index()
            return View();

services.AddScoped<ITestDI, TestDIClass1>();
services.AddScoped<ITestDI, TestDIClass2>();// it seems like TestDIClass2 has overwrited the TestDIClass1.

What I have tried:

if when initialize subclass, a param need to be provided to constructor how to do that?
Updated 24-Sep-18 14:29pm
dan!sh 25-Sep-18 1:29am    
DI in core is not same as proper IoC providers. It is a really simple quick to use version. I can think of few ways but that will need class redesign and perhaps factory implementation. Alternate option could be to use a third party IoC provider of choice which will have this feature built in to it.
855 25-Sep-18 2:40am    
Thank you,lw@zi. i just realized that DI in core is not as powerful as other IoC provider.
Could you provide a factory implementation?
dan!sh 25-Sep-18 2:51am    
Here are a couple links: and I would personally prefer using AutoFac instead of all this redesign and heavy lifting.
855 25-Sep-18 12:18pm    
It helps, thank you.

services.AddTransient<icontrolpanel>(serviceProvider =>
var context = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<ihttpcontextaccessor>().HttpContext;
var userHeader = context.Request.Headers["loggedInUser"];
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(userHeader)) return new GuestControlPanel();
if ("admin" == userHeader) return new AdminControlPanel();
return new NormalUserControlPanel(userHeader);

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