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medicareid   BMI
-----------  ----
1            null
2            null
3            null
4            null
5            null

medicareid   BMI
-----------  ----
3            null
5            null

medicareid    BMI
-----------   ----------------
1             null
2             null
3             no
4             null
5             null

What I have tried:

Yesterday interview question I tried join but not get it can anyone help me with this
Updated 26-Sep-18 22:09pm
Maciej Los 27-Sep-18 3:50am     CRLF
It's not clear how 3 becomes into no. I do not see no dependency.
Santosh kumar Pithani 27-Sep-18 8:46am    
your expected output is not clear make sure it correct.what is the use of "BMI" column in both tables?

This is your second interview question today: at least this is slightly more complicated than your first one.
To fetch data based on dates can anyone help me with this...and he gave me the INPUT and OUTPUT too[^]

You are not ready for this job, and our giving you the solutions to them all helps no-one - not you, who will be out of his depth as soon as the interviewer asks about the detail; the company that might employ you on the basis of our knowledge rather than yours; or the applicants that can do the job which you might displace by this blatant cheating.

Learn your subject, apply for jobs you can do: or you are setting yourself up for a fall.
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