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Halli Hallo

i hope im at the right Place. I want to get started with API-Gateway(s). Currently im running 5 Microservices written in Java (Spring-Boot) deployed via Docker. Each Microservices is protected via Keycloak. I want to use a API-Gateway so that i can combine every MS into 1 Link:

And more important i want to have the Authorization at one Place and not in everysingle Microservice.

I found a couple of Solutions but im not sure which to use or if i maybe should write my own one?
I was intrested in checking out 'Spring Cloud Gateway' because the Microservices are written in 'Spring Boot' and alternatively 'Kong'. What would u guys recommend for my usecase? Whats is easier for total beginners?

Thanks in advance

PS: Im not a native English-Speaker im sorry for all my misspellings

What I have tried:

I googled a bit and watched some videos on the subject.
Updated 29-Sep-18 8:52am

1 solution

im using spring therefore i choose zuul ( )
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