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hi, I'm verrrrrrrrrrry new to the concept of SSO, ADFS and SAML. we are trying to implement this on our Application.

The following are the things that are mostly needed:
>> What is a reply party URL and what does the URL must display when we run it (like is it any XML meta-data that must be in the URL)
>> How to authenticate the SAML request from angularJs app to ADFS server (any code sample would be appreciated)
>> Procedure to be followed at the Hosted application end to implement SSO (any documentation/article link).

Note: We don't want to use any Third party tool for Identity Provider(IDP) (like Auth0). Actually can we make it work without any third party IDP.
Is WSFederation and SAML are two different approaches. Our client company uses SAML tokens for communication.

Thanks for your patience in reading this,
sorry if my English is bad.

What I have tried:

We tried to INSTALL and RUN a ADFS server. We are unable to establish a connection bw our test application and the ADFS server which are in different domains. I ve gone through some of the articles and videos but everything includes ADFS setup and configuration. 
Updated 1-Oct-18 1:26am
MadMyche 1-Oct-18 18:08pm    
Do you have a server setup to proxy the Federation Service?
Rohith Reddy Vadiyala 3-Oct-18 8:57am    
yes we have setup a ADFS serve which communicates with AD.
MadMyche 3-Oct-18 9:28am    
Is the ADFS server within the domain using a proxy?
Rohith Reddy Vadiyala 3-Oct-18 10:05am    
we dont use any proxy. We have ADFS server and Hosted App server in different domains.

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