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I have received a powerpoint ppt file and I cannot open it on my end.
The activeX inside needs to point to an interface with the IID:
but I do not find the interface related to it. Is it the IM application integration in Office ?
If so how can I get rid of that interface call to continue the ppt loading properly ?

Thank you very much in advance
Best regards.

What I have tried:

Apparently related to
IM application integration in Office
but never heard about that before and how to avoid the loading to cancel on it.
Updated 5-Dec-18 6:41am

Talk to the person who sent you the file.
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SuperMiQi 8-Oct-18 11:35am    
Well, if I could, I would do it but when you have to deal with asian customer it is not so convenient.
Richard MacCutchan 8-Oct-18 11:55am    
I used to work in world-wide tech support and never had a problem with them.
SuperMiQi 8-Oct-18 12:14pm    
Hello Richard,
I have no doubt about that. In this current case, the issue reached me via via. Thanks for your your input anyway. ActiveX seems to work not so smoothly on Office 2016/365. For example with PowerPoint pptx file, the persistency is not working at all.
It sounds like Richards solution is right. You must ask the sender what app was used to add this element into the presentation. I guess that it could be some data obejct from an app which the originator used. Google says that it is MS Sharepoint.

The simplest solution would be that it would be replaced by an plain image like a screen shot from the original data.
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SuperMiQi 10-Oct-18 4:12am    
Hello Karen, Richard,
Thank you for your replies.
As I said, I have difficulties to collect more inputs as I do not have a direct link to the cumster having the issue. I will put that issue on hold as I will not reach a direct solution. I just found the IM might be an addins present on the customer pc which is not available on other computer. I have also modified DoPropExchange to improve the persistency as this might be an issue.
I send back the inputs to the manager and I will see what will be the next step.
May thanks for all your inputs.
I too am looking for any information about this interface, but I tell you, it´s not related just to PowerPoint or the problem you are having. I am developping an Excel C++ Addin an it is called for this interface. As I have no information I don´t implent it, and everything works fine.
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