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Hello All

I have multiple installers along with my application where in I want to bundle all of them to one single setup file. When user wants to install the software, I would like to make sure all installers install first before installing my application files. 

Using MS Visual studio Installer project, I have tried to do this but failed to create a single setup file.

Request you to guide me or provide some pointers on how I can do this.

Best Regards

What I have tried:

I was trying with default MS Visual Studio Installer project.

thought to execute these installers through batch file. But did not work for me.

Also I wanted to use custom actions (thought it could be right bet), but don't know how to use it.

So need help on this.
Updated 10-Oct-18 2:28am

The Visual Studio installer project is a bit simplistic and will not do what you want.

Actually, every installer won't do this. What you CAN get is a 3rd party installation technology, like Wix, that can bundle all of your prereq app installers together into a single setup executable. When launched, that executable will unpack all of the installers to a TEMP folder, launch each installer to install your prereq's, then install your application.
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I use wix bootstrapper Projects to bundle mutltiple msi-packages. Very easy to use - I can recommend it.

Just download wix - it's free: WiX Toolset[^]

It Comes with VS Extensions so you have some new Project-types to select. Just create a new Bootstrapper Project and work through the tutorial/documentation you find on wix Website.
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