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Im having a hard time returning my list without the '\n'. Here's the code :

evenement =  open("evenements.txt", "r", encoding="utf-8-sig")

liste = []
chaine = ""

for line in evenement:
    chaine += line

chaine_split = chaine.split('/')

for element in chaine_split:


I had to split the strings in my list so this is why im using chaine.split('/') before removing the backslash. I know it can be tricky to manipulate split and strip on lists so this is why im having a hard time. Code is returning :

['Musique', 'Shawn Phillips', '2018-08-24', '2018-08-24\nMusique', "L'avenue Royale fête l'été!", '2018-08-25', '2018-08-25\nMusique', 'Perséides musicales', '2018-08-03', '2018-08-03\n.... 

but has to return :

[['Musique', 'Shawn Phillips', '2018-08-24', '2018-08-24] 
[Musique', "L'avenue Royale fête l'été!", '2018-08-25', '2018-08-25]
[Musique', 'Perséides musicales', '2018-08-03', '2018-08-03]]

As you can see i also have to stock all my lists in a global list so it would be nice if you could help me with that too, but im mostly focusing on getting rid of the \n while keeping in mind that i have to keep the .split for the '/'.

What I have tried:

Had a lot of error messages returned because i realised i couldnt manipulate a list like a string so this is why i decided to use a for loop to manipulate each element of my list.
Updated 10-Oct-18 22:56pm

1 solution

The strip method will only remove items from the beginning or end of the string. You should use replace. See 4. Built-in Types — Python 3.4.9 documentation[^].
Member 13870077 11-Oct-18 12:48pm
But can you use replace on a list? I assume i do as long as i use a loop ?
Richard MacCutchan 11-Oct-18 12:50pm
You could use a list comprehension, or just do it in the loop that you already have above.
Member 13870077 11-Oct-18 12:53pm
Okay thanks and what about split, does it work on a list
Richard MacCutchan 11-Oct-18 13:00pm
All depends on what you are trying to do. The best way to find out is to try a few experiments with made up data.

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