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So i have a list of list:

[['Musique', 'Shawn Phillips', '2018-08-24', '2018-08-24'], ['Musique', "L'avenue Royale fête l'été!", '2018-08-25', '2018-08-25'], ['Musique', 'Perséides musicales', '2018-08-03', '2018-08-03'], ['Musique', 'Gaétan Leclerc chante Félix et…', '2018-08-17', '2018-08-17'], ['Musique', 'The Ring of Fire : a Johnny Cash Experience', '2018-07-21', '2018-07-21'],

Im looking to extract only the months and days of every lists and i want to use them in another function. but im having a hard time extracting the months and days only.

I need to put them in this function :

def obtain_date(date):

the list of lists is actually another function too obtain_events and after i extracted my months/days, im gonna have to find the exact days with another function, but im mostly focused on finding how i can extract the months and days only while having only 1 argument in my obtain_date(date): function. Also, after( or before) i extract the months/days, i need to change them to int, as they are currently in a form of strings.

What I have tried:

Tried a few loops like:

for element in obtain_events:
           if '2018' in element:

But it didnt work and i also tried a few other loops but im getting confused.
Updated 12-Oct-18 22:12pm
MadMyche 12-Oct-18 15:23pm    
I am not a python developer, but I will say you are most likely over-complicating this. If you look at the actual data you have it is delimited text. There should be more than enough parsers for that to work with
Member 13870077 13-Oct-18 14:56pm    
it wont return anything when i print, why ?

1 solution

for element in obtain_events:
           if '2018' in element:
                 numbers = element.split('-')

The variable numbers will be a list containing something like: [ '2018', '08', '24' ]. You can now do what you want with each field, if necessary converting them to integer values.
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Member 13870077 13-Oct-18 14:40pm    
Oh my, totally forgot about split, ill let you know if it works, but it should
Member 13870077 13-Oct-18 14:56pm    
it wont return anything when i print, why ?
Richard MacCutchan 14-Oct-18 3:07am    
I have no idea what your code is doing so I cannot answer that.

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