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How to input this line?

What I have tried:

Updated 13-Oct-18 6:34am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 13-Oct-18 12:57pm
That is not going to be input by a number variable, read a string (character array if not using a string type), then read the characters one by one and start to process them.

You can also process them in-flight, read the character and process it.

Read it as a string, then - assuming it won't always have a "+" in the middle - process it into a collection of strings: a sequence of numerics becomes a string, a sequence of non-numerics becomes another.
In this case you will end up with three strings:
You can then convert the numerics to numbers, and work out the expression using a switch statement.

It's not difficult if you do it stage by stage - but this is your homework, not mine, so I'll give you no code!
Sit down and think about it for a few minutes - it's really not as complicated as you seem to think.
For your homework you need to learn from some C++ tutorial.

Especially you need to learn the usful functions of std::string like spliting and adding characters.
How to input this line?

Exactly like any other arbitrary string of chars, input as a string.
And after you process the string to get the result you want.

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