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def readinput():
  n = int(input())     # Length
  for j in range(n):   
    nextnum = int(input())  # Read each value
    best.append(0)     # Initialize best[k] for each position

def solve():
  for j in range(len(insequence)):
    # Collect best[k] for values to left of j that divide insequence[j]
    prev = [ best[k] for k in range(j) if insequence[j]%insequence[k] == 0 ]
    if prev:
       best[j] = 1 + max(prev)
       best[j] = 1

insequence = []
best = []

What I have tried:

I don't know where to start. please help
Updated 17-Oct-18 10:54am
Patrice T 17-Oct-18 15:27pm
What about learning Python to understand this code, then C to write the translation?
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Solution 2

C++ is quite expressive:
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;

vector<int> readinput()
  size_t n;
  cin >> n; 
  vector<int> v(n);
  for (auto & x : v)
    cin >> x;
  return v;
vector <int> solve(const vector<int> & inseq)
  auto size = inseq.size();
  vector<int> best(size);
  for (size_t j=0; j<size; ++j)
    vector<int> prev;
    for (size_t k=0; k<j; ++k)
      if ( inseq[j] % inseq[k] == 0)
    best[j] = prev.size() > 0 ? 1 + *max_element(prev.begin(), prev.end()) : 1;
  return best;

int main()
  auto inseq = readinput();
  auto best = solve(inseq);
  cout << *max_element(best.begin(), best.end()) << endl;
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Solution 1

Forget it. Python is too different from C to make any conversion simple. Many of the features of Python have no direct equivalent in C so you would need to design your own alternatives. Just use the design details of the program to write it in C.
CPallini 17-Oct-18 16:55pm
Maybe difficult to implement using C. On the other hand, C++...
Richard MacCutchan 18-Oct-18 4:02am
That's easy for you to say ...

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