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in a
windows form application
i put my db on a local server.

1- is it possible put db in my host in internet, and access to it by my
windows form application

2- is it possible to set an IP for local server then install my
windows form application
in a client in internet (no local net) and access to same db from internet? (db on same local server)


What I have tried:

i don't test them. i don't know is it possible or not.
Updated 2-May-21 1:08am

Yes it is possible.

But you should never put your database on the internet (without protection, which is an advanced topic that you can easily get wrong so you should not do it anyway).
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Member 13522501 28-Oct-18 8:56am    
is there necessary protection provided for db in my host (by host service)?
Mehdi Gholam 28-Oct-18 9:30am    
It depends on your host service provider, but probably the protection they provide is not putting the database on the internet in the first place.
You can access internet DB from winforms apps, yes - but it's dangerous because it exposes your DB to anyone who can find it, and you have to be careful about security. Personally, I'd add a service to the internet domain and interface to that instead of direct to the DB. The cloud is another possibility, but similar security problems exist.

Having said that, many companies do access their DB's via the internet, so you will find a lot of info if you google.

Accessing your local DB from the internet is possible, but strongly not recommended - security becomes even more of a nightmare, and if you have a dynamic IP address then it is going to fail at some point. I'd advice against it.
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Member 13522501 28-Oct-18 10:48am    
how security of db in internet web sites is provided?
OriginalGriff 28-Oct-18 10:58am    
Depends: mostly by keeping the DB on the server side, and accessing it via Server code, not client. That way, the user has no direct access to the DB system at all.

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