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I am fresher and a next week I have my interview coming up for DOT NET FRAMEWORK so please provide me some informative links to study?

What I have tried:

I tried some other website but I could not find useful information.
Updated 16-Nov-18 22:44pm

You will not get through an interview based on "interview question sheets" - interviewers do not use them, they can ask anything they want about your technical knowledge - and even if a question came up on the sheet (which isn't likely) the sheet would not cover the follow up question to get more depth about your knowledge of the subject.

Apply for jobs using stuff you know: if you don't know the stuff then apply for a different job, or learn the stuff before you apply. And that isn't the same as reading a sheet of questions and hoping they come up. Go into the interview prepared with the stuff you do know well, and don;t be afraid to say "I don't know" if you haven't learned it yet. It's a lot better to not get the job than to get a job you can't do and get kicked out after a few weeks when you lack of knowledge becomes obvious to everybody involved - and it will, very quickly!
Forget it, you will never learn enough in time. Take a look at Welcome to .NET | Microsoft Docs[^] and see how much information you would need to learn.
I averaged 2 interviews a month for about a year and over that time I had only 1 or 2 questions that were remotely similar, and those questions were pretty low-level items that are more Computer Science as opposed to any particular language or framework.

The usual thing I did see was multiple interviews; usually the first is more of an HR type of interview to determine if you are a person the company would want to employ. When you get to the last interview it is going to be one on one with someone who has real knowledge and will check to see if you are real or just blowing smoke.

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